Remote Pre-planning in the Time of COVID-19

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    Alex Craib

    Hi Shahn,


    That is likely because a URL field has not been added to your form. URL fields were introduced in 2019, and allow users to link to external resources right within a preplan. Usually, these are added as a Google Earth Link field, but a generic Web Link field could also be added if that would be helpful.

    To request that a URL field be added to your form, please submit a form configuration support ticket, indicating what type of change you'd like (e.g. a Google Earth Link URL field) and where in your form you'd like it to appear (e.g. Site Plan section).

    Thanks for the great question!

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  • Dan Bruno

    We have been incorporating all of our manually gathered data during downtime.  It's been wonderful.

    As as side note, the Pre-Planning capabilities was the perfect tool for urgent pre-plans made for COVID-19 staging and resource locations. 



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  • Shahn Kariger

    Hello Alex,

    I don't see the ability to add the URL in any of the sections for the Google Earth link.  Is there an update I need to do?
    I'm on SmartCapture version 3.6.1(2)

    Shahn Kariger
    Wausau, WI

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